Our Country Cottage Tour

I know it’s been a long time since I’ve got in touch but I am back! Once I had finished downsizing my belongings in our last house, there was not much more I could do. My last post was about My Bucket List for Minimalism and this was the first item on my list: “Leave […]

My Bucket List for Minimalism

Ever since Jack Nicholson’s movie came out called The Bucket List, everyone is making one. Well, so am I. But my list is all about minimalism. Here we go – just six for now: Leave our five bedroom, three bathroom home and downsize to a two-three bedroom home since our son has left home and […]

My Minimalist Gift to My Niece

When my father sold our farmhouse up north, he got rid of a trunk full of our old toys. We were all adults but it hurt – big time! I remembered every one of those toys – my Raggedy-Ann doll, the paper dolls with paper wardrobes, the small shop till, the book of Gulliver’s travels […]

The Secret to Successful Decluttering

You have decided to start your minimalism journey in your kitchen and you have your utensil drawer open and you are staring at the cluttered mess. You extract the potato masher but you use it often so you put it back into the chaos again. You take out the ladle and replace it. Then you […]

My Decluttered Saucepan Drawers

I am feeling very proud of my saucepan drawers now I have scrubbed up all my pots and got rid of surplus ones. I do have one other drawer with frying pans but I am still working on it.

Self-Imposed Rules of My Challenge

1. Each day, I must de-clutter an area in the house (drawer, cupboard etc.) and/or find a permanent zero-waste solution. 2. I post it on my blog each day so I have a record of what I have achieved.

Minimalist Christmas Tree

Here is my minimalist Christmas tree this year. This is my first Christmas with a true minimalist mentality and so, of course, the tree has to be different. I saw it as nothing like a traditional green pine tree but more of a white twig thing, and then I saw one in a catalogue for […]

Day 26 – Eco-Friendly Toiletries

Here are my final toiletries – all eco-friendly, safe to use with no nasty chemicals and in recyclable containers. At the back is my shampoo, body/face lotion and conditioner. In the front is my toothpaste made from coconut oil, baking soda and peppermint oil, my lip balm, aluminium-free deodorant and 2 bars of unpackaged soap. […]

Day 25 – Cupboard No. 1

Today, I tackled the downstairs catch-all cupboard which is in the entrance. Sorry about the awful before photo but I sure didn’t want to put everything back in just to take a better shot. In the last image you can see what I still have to separate out into toss and donate piles. The pile […]

Day 24 – Minimalist Toiletries

I have been busy organizing a group workshop in my business but that is now under way and it is Sunday here in New Zealand so I have the time and mind space to move ahead with my quest to downsize to a minimalist lifestyle. Today I tackled all the toiletries in the house and […]

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