My Bucket List for Minimalism

Minimalist Beach houseEver since Jack Nicholson’s movie came out called The Bucket List, everyone is making one. Well, so am I. But my list is all about minimalism. Here we go – just six for now:

  • Leave our five bedroom, three bathroom home and downsize to a two-three bedroom home since our son has left home and we now have rooms in our house that are completely empty. A little house on the beach would be perfect.
  • Cull all the furniture and knick knacks that we brought over from Italy decades ago. My husband can’t bear the thought of this so I will have to be subtle.
  • Maintain a 30-item wardrobe forever. I love finding something to wear so quickly in the morning, whether I stay at home or go out.
  • Get as close as possible to zero-plastic waste. Our rubbish bin is already almost empty on the weekly pick-up day but there is still a little way to go. It’s not easy but we will keep plugging away at it.
  • Structure my business to allow two to three holidays a year. It’s Mongolia, Australia and Italy this year. I can work while overseas since my business is online but I like to minimalize the work while away.
  • Incorporate charity work into my schedule or perhaps do volunteer stints overseas. I spent a year in the Fiji Islands on Volunteer Service Abroad when I was young and would like to return to that place of giving.

There’s my list. Now it’s your turn to tell me your minimalism bucket list.


  1. You inspire me…and others!


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