Our Country Cottage Tour

I know it’s been a long time since I’ve got in touch but I am back! Once I had finished downsizing my belongings in our last house, there was not much more I could do. My last post was about My Bucket List for Minimalism and this was the first item on my list:

“Leave our five bedroom, three bathroom home and downsize to a two-three bedroom home since our son has left home and we now have rooms in our house that are completely empty. A little house on the beach would be perfect.”

I can tick that off – we have sold that large house with redundant bedrooms and have bought a beautiful little cottage with a large subtropical garden in the countryside overlooking the water. It’s cute as a button and so peaceful here. But it is about 1/3 of the size of our previous house in the suburbs and so, even though I thought we had downsized our stuff, I got a rude awakening when we tried to jam it all into a house which is only a little over 100 square metres/1076 square feet. Not exactly a tiny house but certainly a small one. We have sold almost 2/3 of our furniture and bought smaller versions but also less of it.

It’s a work in progress, and renovations start mid-September . But first I would like to take you on a tour of the cottage and half the gardens before we touch anything.

Don’t expect an expert video – this is just me walking through the gardens from the front gate to the cottage and then a tour of the house. No frills.


  1. Katrina Bee says:

    Ooooh it’s an amazing home – I love it and overlooking the water must be a real treat. What a find! The gardens are beautiful, and it’s funny how your winter looks just like our UK summer! How interesting having a room that you can only get to through a bathroom?! I hope you have fun making your mark on the house – I’m sure your renovations will be amazing and I look forward to hearing about them. Oh and it’s great to hear your son is obviously doing so well too. I’m not on FB much these days so this has been a lovely update!

    • pathtominimalism_iohifu says:

      Thanks, Katrina. It took us 1.5 years to find it. I fell in love the minute I walked in the top gate and saw the gardens. Thanks also for thinking of my son. He is doing splendidly and the only remnant of the accident is that he has limited mobility in his neck because of the metal bars but then so do I – but that’s from age. LOL.

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