Day 13 – Planning a Project 333 Wardrobe

I don’t think there is anyone left on the planet who doesn’t know what Project 333 is, but just in case, you can read about it HERE.  I am in the process of planning my wardrobe around these principals without sticking too rigidly to them. It gives a starting point, which is always good. I went to and created it there. It’s a great site where you can get close visuals of the garments you would like in your closet.

I was reading this post this morning on a new blog I love called Louder Minds about choosing just three colours for your wardrobe and I realized I had chosen four so I was pretty close to that principal. My colours are black, white, pale blue (denim) and orange/tan shades. Without further ado, here is my plan for my wardrobe. It contains 23 items at the moment but I do have my outerwear separately and this doesn’t include my jewelry.  It has 8 tops, 5 trousers, 1 shorts, 3 jackets, 2 bags and 4 pairs of shoes although I do think I will need some dressy black sandals with a small heel.

My summer capsule wardrobe
This suits my lifestyle and the fact that I work from home but will not suit everyone, especially those who work in the corporate world and/or have a busy social life. I feel my leopard print blouse, lace top and black satin trousers (bottom left) will take me to most of the few functions I have to attend.
I already have 12 of the items so will need to look around for the others. I am not a great shopper and quickly get fed up so hopefully, having this as a guide will simplify the mission. That is my fervent wish. I will keep you updated. Now I would love to see or hear about your ideal wardrobe for your lifestyle.


  1. Hi Suzanne. Thank you for mentioning my Louder Minds blog!
    I love your wardrobe plan – especially the gorgeous Saint Laurent handbag. 🙂

    • pathtominimalism_iohifu says:

      It’s a lovely, well-written blog and I am happy to share it with others.
      I don’t imagine I will be getting a Saint Laurent handbag but it looks good in my plan. LOL.

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