Day 14 – Minimalist Makeup

Minimalist makeup
This is the sum total of my makeup. I have never had the piles that I see with horror on some Youtube channels but I decluttered the makeup drawer some time ago and now have only what fits neatly in the pink makeup bag you can see behind the makeup in the photo. It all actually lives in the bag inside a drawer so I can pick it up and go whenever necessary.

Here are the 13 items I own starting from the left:
1) Blusher brush
2) L’oreal blusher
3) Maybelline mascara
4) Revlon colourstay lipstick
5) Eyebrow pencil
6) Soft eyeliner pencil
7) Concealer
8) Revlon foundation
9) Brown eyeshadow
10) Elizabeth Arden blusher (I only use for videos)
11) Eyeshadow brush
12) Pencil sharpener
13) Bronzer and brush (only for videos)

As I finish each of these items, I will be looking for biodegradable options so I am no longer creating any plastic waste that ends up in the landfill. And at the same time I will be doing myself a favour by not putting poisons on my skin. I already know that I will be using cocoa powder for my blusher and eyeshadow. I have already tried it and it works. A subtle chocolate scent is just a bonus. Lush has a lipstick colour I like and they may also have a good foundation. When I start to get low on my supplies, I will be giving Lush a visit.


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