Day 15 – Candle decluttering

I have been putting off going through my candles that I keep in two drawers of an antique desk. These are ugly candles that will never be put on show but I keep them for when we get a power cut. However, the last time we had a cut, I noticed that several didn’t light up well or the wicks were so far down inside the candle that they created almost no light. There was a lot of fussing around to get any quality of light at all.

So, today I lit them all and then threw out those that failed the test of providing light. As you can see, many fully grown candles hit the dust. Some of those glass candle holders should probably go out as well because they have too small an opening to hold even the tall skinny candles. But they came all the way from Italy and so they may stay at least until the next sweep through.

Today, I also sent to the recycle bin an old fur coat that is shedding badly, an eiderdown that belonged to my grandmother, a set of sheets I found in a downstairs cupboard and an Indian batik we bought in Italy while living there. It is now stained and I can’t imagine ever wanting it up on my walls again. All in all, a good day.

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