Day 17 – Decluttering Office drawers

Today I got stuck into the two sets of drawers on either side of my red sofa in my office. By the time I had finished, the set on the right were empty and only five of the ones on the left were just partially filled. It was nearly all paper and now it is in the recycle bin. We no longer live in a paper world – almost everything can be in digital form. However, I discovered that if I was honest, most of it didn’t even need to be digitalised and could just be chucked, which is what I did.

The 5 drawers still in use hold:

  • Spare paper for the printer, which I seldom use any more.
  • Manuals.
  • Personal medical papers and x-rays on disc.
  • Travel notebooks.
  • Magazines my recipes have appeared in.

I could probably get rid of both sets of drawers but I actually like them so they are staying – for now.

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