Day 19 – Clearing out Junk Drawer

The junk drawer was certainly overdue for attention. I did it the Marie Kondo way and took everything out and cleaned the drawer. I had actually done this only about 6 months ago and organised a few things into containers but look at what happened. A mess again!

Adriano arrived home in the middle from a mountain biking race down country and did question a few things in the toss-out pile, but I won. He is very on board with what I am doing and loves the new light feeling of the house, so there is very little conflict from that quarter. I can only imagine how hard this would be if there was resistance from within the household.

Today, I also scanned a whole lot more papers from my work filing cabinet. It really is becoming important to back up my whole computer to the cloud and not just to an external drive. What if someone burgled the house and took the computer and the drive? Or what if the house burned down? I know I am catastrophizing but it could happen.

Tomorrow is a national holiday in New Zealand so I should get another good area done. Maybe the millions of photos we own. Oh boy!

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