Day 2 – Jewelry


dressing-table pre declutteringToday I tackled my dress jewelry. My expensive items, mostly inherited, are locked away in a safe, which is rather ridiculous really because I hardly ever get to see them let alone wear them. But anyway, over the years I have accumulated quite a bit of dress jewelry to make up for the hidden treasures. I used to wear it but no longer do and it has ended up draped around my beautiful antique dressing table looking cluttered and tangled. See the photo on the left.

So, I got ruthless and at least halved it. I know it will need a second round at a later date but I find the easy-does-it approach best for me. Check out my photos above for what I eliminated and what I kept – for now.

Jewelry I actually use

Jewelry I actually use

The really crazy thing is that I always wear the few gold items in the image to the right and rarely use even those I have kept.


  1. thanks guys – I never wear any jewellery, yet have many pretty items and keep them ‘just in case’ – or just because they are pretty.
    when I looked for my mothers engagement ring recently it was not even in it’s box – mixture of sadness and relief – the teeny tiny piece of paper with her words ‘my engagement ring’ written for my benefit, more precious that any ring anyway
    I take in numerous people in need, so anyone could have taken things though most likely mislaid in the ‘chaos’
    I will try to do some of this de-cluttering soon – what to do with stuff is big part of the problem – cant waste things

    • pathtominimalism_iohifu says:

      I understand the need to not waste things – that’s why it’s so good to give them away to family and friends or to donate them. Then they get to have a second life with someone else.
      I am sorry to hear about the ring.

  2. pathtominimalism_iohifu says:

    I have already dealt with some sentimental items and will do a post on that when I attack them again. They are the hardest category but there is a quote that sticks in my mind: “Don’t be a slave to inanimate objects” . We carry the memory of people in our minds not in objects. All that excess jewelry you have inherited will weigh you down and taint your memory of your mother and aunt because of the burden their belongings are associated with. Every time you see it, do you have a sinking feeling or a feeling of joy? If it is the former, then discard it immediately. If the latter, then keep a few special pieces. Good luck.

  3. I am full of admiration. I am drowning in jewelry! ( and I am not really a jewelry person except for ear-rings) My sister and I recently divided our Mother AND our Aunt’s jewelry between us ( they passed away over a year ago and three years ago but its taken us some time to get together to do it) – much of what I took as my stash I will never wear – I need to be as ruthless as you – but isnt it hard to part with items of sentimental value?

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