Day 21 – Scanning and Discarding Photos

Secretaire containing our photosFor the last few days, I have been scanning photos whenever I get the chance so that we can get rid of two drawers full of several decades of photos. The drawers live in the secretaire that you can see over on the left. The content of the drawers is in the first two photos above. On the right you can see what is ready to be got rid of so far and I have only completed one drawer and am part way through the second. We also have several albums down in Adriano’s study from the days when we managed to keep up with such things. Do we keep those or pull out the photos and scan those too? That is my dilemma. What do you think?


  1. Nancy Mueller says:

    How can I begin reading at day 1?


  1. […] To see the before photos of the two drawers, check my Day 21 post HERE. […]

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