Day 26 – Eco-Friendly Toiletries

Here are my final toiletries – all eco-friendly, safe to use with no nasty chemicals and in recyclable containers.
At the back is my shampoo, body/face lotion and conditioner. In the front is my toothpaste made from coconut oil, baking soda and peppermint oil, my lip balm, aluminium-free deodorant and 2 bars of unpackaged soap. None of these items contain the parabens or any of those chemicals that can put us at risk of cancer. Now we know about these things, why would we want to take the risk by slathering them on our porous skin?

Once the toothpaste jar is finished, I may try making my own since I have all the ingredients. I am pleased to say that these are now my only toiletries in our bathroom cupboard so it is looking very bare – exactly how I like it. The few other occasional items like insect repellent, suncream and spray tan are in the other bathroom – not that any of those are exactly chemical free. I will be looking out for alternatives before I need them. How about checking out your bathroom cupboards? Count the number of items in them and let me know what that number is


  1. Nancy Mueller says:

    I really love all things related to decluttering, and your website is wonderful! I just finished readin a great book by Marie Kondo entitled ” The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up”.
    Having your pictures on here gives me hope and ideas, as my husband of 44 years, and I are realizing that we must downsize, and REALLY minimize our lifestyle. We are in a 3200 sq. ft. home which I love, but it is getting to be too much to keep up.
    I have been a newsletter subscriber for your low fodmap letters, and just now found this!
    I’m hoping to find the beginning, day 1, and the time to read and enjoy, then practice many of your ideas!
    My biggest problem is time!
    It’s always rush rush rush! Any ideas on that issue?
    Thank you!

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