Day 6 – Decluttering Glass & Cup Shelf

Kept cupsNothing too radical done today but any progress gives me a buzz. We had glasses on our glass and cup shelf right at the back which we never touched. They were those cute sets for the liqueurs we never drank. Also odd cups languished near the back and never saw the light of day either. When I took the before photo, several things were still being washed in the dishwasher. The after photo shows the full collection except for the cute mug set my sister gave me, which you can see on the left. On the top shelf, I have left the dessert bowls which I use when we have guests. I have no idea why a bottle of champagne was languishing there from 1999. It think we should eliminate that by drinking it. I do have a few champagne glasses in my china cabinet but that is for another day.

Now everything is all tidy and sitting in rows so it’s easy to put them away after they get washed. And there’s nothing collecting dust at the back of the cupboard. Now it’s your turn.

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