Day 7 – Decluttering Sewing Paraphernalia

Today’s job was surprisingly long – gathering together everything to do with sewing from all over the house and reducing it down to what I truly needed. I do have to explain that I trained as a fashion designer while living in Italy and started up my own business when I got back to New Zealand. I sold the business ten years later but was left with a lot of sewing materials and accessories. Over the couple of decades since then, most of it has been eliminated especially because we moved many, many times. But you can see in the photo what I still had left – heaps of hooks, domes, buttons, cottons etc. More than I would need for my own personal needs in a lifetime. So I created a throw away pile, a donate pile and a keep pile.  I found the container that seemed like a perfect sewing kit but it contained our shoe cleaning kit, so that had to be decluttered too and moved to a different container – one that was a part of the sewing kit. So this was a two for one decluttering exercise. I think the story is told in the photos and I am pleased with the end result as you can see in the two final photos below.

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