Day 8 – Decluttering the Linen Press

linen-press pre-decluttering

Linen press pre-decluttering

linen-press-after decluttering

Linen Press after decluttering

One of my subscribers and a writing friend, Jane asked about the linen press and so that’s what I cleared today. I thought that I already didn’t have too much in there but when I looked, it was such a mess that I was ashamed, but I have photographed it exactly as it was before I started.

As I went through it item by item, I was shocked at how many things were stained and/or had simply not been used for years. For each item I asked myself the question: “If I had a guest staying, would I use any of this linen for them?” The answer was almost always no.

You can see the final sewing kit on the left bottom shelf while on the right on the floor is the ironing pile in a basket. Yes, I know it’s time to get onto it. I also found 7 cushions in the cupboard as well as 2 cushion covers. I kept 4 cushions and the covers – not sure why. The empty shelf is for a pair of white sheets which are on the line drying. Obviously, there are items in use as well.

The throw away pile (see below) is divided into recycle on the left and donate on the right.

UPDATE on book decluttering: Here is a photo below of another 3 piles that have already departed for the charity shop.

Donate and recycle piles after decluttering

Donate and recycle piles after decluttering

book decluttering

Further book decluttering

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