Day 16 – Decluttering Cards

This was not a particularly arduous task today except from the pulling at the heartstrings aspect. I keep my stationery and special cards I have received over the years in that pretty hat box in the first photo. But it was overflowing so needed to be thinned out to blank cards and envelopes I may use one day and those special cards that truly meant something. Going through them brought back memories but I was also surprised at how many people I didn’t really remember and I am not sure why I kept their card in the first place. They were probably people I have worked with through the years and promptly forgotten once I had moved on. There were however some lovely cards with heartfelt messages from people I love and have kept those. I thought about scanning them but it wouldn’t be quite the same as their handwritten words.

I also seem to have accumulated piles of blank Christmas cards painted by talented teenagers  that I bought to support Canteen (teenagers with cancer). However, I no longer send out Christmas cards and so they have accumulated over the years. Last Christmas, when they rang up I remembered to ask if I could just make a donation without buying the cards and happily they said yes. Meanwhile I have all these cards I will never use. Just as I am writing this, I realize that I have to throw them away and will do so right after pressing publish on this post.


  1. Marie E. Ramsburg says:

    Oh my, now you really got me…I had went through my stash of fabric(quilter here) …felt so good. I even tackled that closet…and the blankets and sheets! But never even thoight of those containers of cards I have in there! Well here I go!👍

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