Day 14 – Decluttering Vases

Decluttering vases

My vases before decluttering

Today was the turn of my vases. To be honest, I hardly ever get fresh flowers because I hate when they die. That may be why I don’t have a whole heap but I did have 16 and that’s too many for someone who gets fresh flowers only when folk are coming for a meal. Several have some sentimental value like the vase furtherest on the left, which my son’s ex-girlfriend, Alex gave me. They were together for 8 years and I miss her lots. The little crystal and silver one that looks like a tiny urn is a family piece as is the white Kelston Pottery vase over on the left.

In the photo below, you can see that I created a channel down the middle and the vases on the left will be donated and those on the right will be kept. What for I am not sure, but for now they stay. When I do a second sweep through the house, I will probably feel the need to remove a few others but not quite yet.

By the way, that strange thing at the front of the donate pile is something my grandmother used to use in the middle of her pies to hold up the centre. I don’t know why it was with the vases but I can’t imagine ever using it.

Decluttering vases

Donate vases on the left and keep vases on the right

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