Minimalist Christmas Tree

Minimalist Christmas tree
Here is my minimalist Christmas tree this year. This is my first Christmas with a true minimalist mentality and so, of course, the tree has to be different. I saw it as nothing like a traditional green pine tree but more of a white twig thing, and then I saw one in a catalogue for Ezibuy (low budget store in NZ) and grabbed it. It came with the lights but I made several of the decorations on it.

I just wish I had a nice blank wall to put it against since it doesn’t stand out the way I would like with our decor around it. I think my next step will be to downsize my furniture and embellishments so I have a few blank walls. That feels strange however so I will have to work on it.


  1. love ur tree. i saw it yesterday at a CVS store in Pasadena, California and thought it was pretty cool!

    • pathtominimalism_iohifu says:

      Thanks, Lynn. It is very minimalist with just the twinkling lights. I added a couple of white and gold decorations and it was perfect.

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