Day 4 – Wardrobe Decluttering

Minimalism wardrobe - clothes to sell

Clothes to sell

Today was wardrobe decluttering day and what fun that was! I took everything, and I do mean everything, out of my wardrobe and put it all on the bed. Then I questioned everything I picked up, Marie Kondo style, and put back only what I loved. A few things might still have slipped through and they will be ousted in the next round a bit later once the dust has settled. I filled up two suitcases with clothes to be taken to sell, filled a garbage bag with clothes to recycle and put a bunch in another wardrobe downstairs to see if I will miss them. I have made a video with my GoPro of the wardrobe as it is now plus the wardrobe downstairs with the maybes. My husband tossed the bag in the recycle bin down in the village before I could photograph it but I snapped a photo of the clothes in the suitcases while they were sitting in my car. I must remember to take before, middle and after photos from now on.


  1. pathtominimalism_iohifu says:

    It takes time for sure. I do it in stages or it feels overwhelming.

  2. IMPRESSIVE, I declutered mine, but it’s not as minimalistic as yours yet.


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