Day 23 – Wardrobe Update – Project 333

Above is a reminder of my Project 333 wardrobe plan. And today, I went SHOPPING! I usually hate it and come away with things I didn’t need and never wear. This time it was FUN! I mean really fun. I had my printout with me to keep reminding me of what I needed and I […]

Day 22 – Photos decluttered, more or less

I have more or less finished the photo scanning and decluttering. I say more or less because as you can see in the photos, one drawer is empty and the other has slides, framed photos, videos and CDs in it. They require a whole different approach. I am not sure what to do about the […]

Day 21 – Scanning and Discarding Photos

For the last few days, I have been scanning photos whenever I get the chance so that we can get rid of two drawers full of several decades of photos. The drawers live in the secretaire that you can see over on the left. The content of the drawers is in the first two photos […]

Day 20 – Zero Waste Shopping Day

Today was shopping day to the bulk store and I grabbed some chicken from the butcher on the way back. I still have not had anyone even blink when I offer my own containers for food, which is very heartening. I came back with flour, dried kiwifruit for snacks, dried cranberries and walnuts for my […]

Day 19 – Clearing out Junk Drawer

The junk drawer was certainly overdue for attention. I did it the Marie Kondo way and took everything out and cleaned the drawer. I had actually done this only about 6 months ago and organised a few things into containers but look at what happened. A mess again! Adriano arrived home in the middle from […]

Day 18 – Creating My Memory Box

I asked my husband to drag out one of the plastic containers from under the stairs so I could go through it and then use it as a memory box. You can see the contents in the top left photo: Certificates and awards Piles of fashion design drawings (I trained as a fashion designer in […]

Day 17 – Decluttering Office drawers

Today I got stuck into the two sets of drawers on either side of my red sofa in my office. By the time I had finished, the set on the right were empty and only five of the ones on the left were just partially filled. It was nearly all paper and now it is in the recycle […]

Day 16 – Decluttering Cards

This was not a particularly arduous task today except from the pulling at the heartstrings aspect. I keep my stationery and special cards I have received over the years in that pretty hat box in the first photo. But it was overflowing so needed to be thinned out to blank cards and envelopes I may […]

Day 15 – Candle decluttering

I have been putting off going through my candles that I keep in two drawers of an antique desk. These are ugly candles that will never be put on show but I keep them for when we get a power cut. However, the last time we had a cut, I noticed that several didn’t light […]

Day 14 – Decluttering Vases

Today was the turn of my vases. To be honest, I hardly ever get fresh flowers because I hate when they die. That may be why I don’t have a whole heap but I did have 16 and that’s too many for someone who gets fresh flowers only when folk are coming for a meal. […]

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